What is a Pellet Heater

Pellet heaters, also called pellet ovens or stoves, are an efficient, clean way of heating your home. Instead of using chopped wood for heating, pellet heaters use sawdust or shavings, which are byproducts of the timber industry, compressed into pellets for use in these heaters.

Pellet stoves have a much higher combustion efficiency rating than regular wood fireplaces as well as being safer, more convenient and cleaner to use both in particle emissions and inside your home.

wood pellet heater

Our NatureHeat pellet heaters are European certified and manufactured to the highest Australian standards for efficiency and safety. We have several models to choose from, depending on your requirements and in a range of colours to match your individual decor.

wood pellet heater

Just imagine:

•No more carting wood through your home which could be concealing termites or other insects.

•No more waking to a cold house because the heating has gone out overnight.

•No more wood that burns too fast, or not at all.

•No more climbing on the roof to clean your dirty chimney.

•No more running out of wood before winter's end.


Pellet heaters have a hopper into which you load the wood pellets. The heater will automatically drop the wood pellets into to the burning chamber as needed and depending on your settings.

All you do is use a dipper to replace the wood pellets as the unit uses them and empty the enclosed ash bin when it fills up. No mess. The wood pellets burn cleanly and perfectly every time.

Why Choose a Pellet Heater Over a Combustion Fireplace?

Environmentally Responsible Heating

•Pellet heaters emit fewer particles than open combustion fireplaces and traditional open fireplaces. This means cleaner air.

•We manufacture our own brand of pellets, NatureHeat Pellets from the waste from sustainable timber forests. Our pellets are manufactured to the highest standards and burn cleanly and efficiently.

•Instead of being dumped in landfill, this timber waste is used in an environmentally responsible manner, to heat your home.

A Safer Heating Alternative

•Pellet heaters burn pellets at a consistently hot temperature and almost completely. This eliminates the fire hazard of excessive creosote buildup inside the unit or flue.

•Chopped wood can contain dangerous insects such as spiders and termites. Pellets are insect-free.

•No more risky chainsaw adventures.

•No opening the front of the fireplace to reload, risking hot embers or alight wood falling on the floor or on you.



•Load the hopper as needed, then set it and go. The heater will do the rest.

•Some heaters have weekly programmable features and timers.

•Wood pellets are delivered to your door or even on a schedule. Never run out of pellets.

•Pellet heaters can fit into any sized room. No need for extensive ducting.

•Instant heat. No more waiting for hours for the house to heat up.

•Temperature control means no overheating the house.

Cost Effective

•On top of everything else, pellet heaters will save you time and money.