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pellet experts wood pellets

All wood pellets are not created equal!

Other manufacturers of pellet stove wood pellets for heating rebadge and reprice them, then sell the exact same pellets to you as cat litter, chicken scratch and for other purposes.

At Pellet Experts, we understand that the raw materials and pellet-making processes must be different for different end uses in order to provide you with the best quality product for your requirements. This is what makes us unique and this is what makes us producers of the safest and highest quality pellets in Australia for your pellet stove wood pellets.


We only use the best quality freshly cut pine offsets, without any contaminents or recycled material which could contain waxes, dangerous chemicals or bits of metal and dirt. Our raw materiais are sourced from environmentally responsible timber plantations in NSW, from excess timber waste that would otherwise end up in landfill, and processed in our factory in Cooma NSW. This timber is screened and sorted to ensure only the correct ratio of timber type is used for making our range of pellets.

Our NatureHeat Pellets provide you with the optimum pellet for generating and holding heat for the most efficient transfer of energy for your wood pellet heaters. Our pellets have been developed with the correct balance of heat-retaining properties and minimal ash-production. They are specifically developed for pellet heaters / burning and should not be used for any other application.

We welcome you to use NatureHeat Pellets in your existing heater or with the NatureHeat Pellet Heater range.

pellet experts wood pellets

What is a Pellet Heater

Pellet heaters, also called pellet ovens or stoves, are an efficient, clean way of heating your home. Instead of using chopped wood for heating, pellet heaters use sawdust or shavings, which are byproducts of the timber industry, compressed into pellets for use in these heaters.

Pellet stoves have a much higher combustion efficiency rating than regular wood fireplaces as well as being safer, more convenient and cleaner to use both in particle emissions and inside your home.

wood pellet heater
wood pellet heater

Just imagine:

  • No more carting wood through your home which could be concealing termites or other insects.
  • No more waking to a cold house because the heating has gone out overnight.
  • No more wood that burns too fast, or not at all.
  • No more climbing on the roof to clean your dirty chimney.
  • No more running out of wood before winter's end.

Pellet heaters have a hopper into which you load the wood pellets. The heater will automatically drop the wood pellets into to the burning chamber as needed and depending on your settings.

All you do is use a dipper to replace the wood pellets as the unit uses them and empty the enclosed ash bin when it fills up. No mess. The wood pellets burn cleanly and perfectly every time.

Why Choose a Pellet Heater Over a Combustion Fireplace?

Environmentally Responsible Heating

  • Pellet heaters emit fewer particles than open combustion fireplaces and traditional open fireplaces. This means cleaner air.
  • We manufacture our own brand of pellets, NatureHeat Pellets from the waste from sustainable timber forests. Our pellets are manufactured to the highest standards and burn cleanly and efficiently.
  • Instead of being dumped in landfill, this timber waste is used in an environmentally responsible manner, to heat your home.

A Safer Heating Alternative

  • Pellet heaters burn pellets at a consistently hot temperature and almost completely. This eliminates the fire hazard of excessive creosote buildup inside the unit or flue.
  • Chopped wood can contain dangerous insects such as spiders and termites. Pellets are insect-free.
  • No more risky chainsaw adventures.
  • No opening the front of the fireplace to reload, risking hot embers or alight wood falling on the floor or on you.


  • Load the hopper as needed, then set it and go. The heater will do the rest.
  • Some heaters have weekly programmable features and timers.
  • Wood pellets are delivered to your door or even on a schedule. Never run out of pellets.
  • Pellet heaters can fit into any sized room. No need for extensive ducting.
  • Instant heat. No more waiting for hours for the house to heat up.
  • Temperature control means no overheating the house.

Cost Effective

  • On top of everything else, pellet heaters will save you time and money.

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How a Pellet Heater Works

Wood Pellet Stove Drawing

Pellet Storage & Feeding

Pellet fuel heaters have a fuel hopper within the unit to store the wood pellets until they are needed for burning. Hoppers may hold up to 20kgs of pellets, which will last a day or more under normal operating conditions (depending on the unit).

The device that feeds the pellets into the combustion chamber resembles a large screw or spiral, which rotates and drops a few pellets at a time into the combustion chamber where it is burned. The speed at which the screw turns and drops the pellets into the chamber determines how much heat is generated.

You can opt for a bulk storage system which can hold enough pellets for weeks at a time.

Better Exhaust Management

Instead of a traditional chimney, exhaust gases from the pellet stove are vented out using small flue pipe that can be directed out a sidewall. This exhaust is smoke-free due to the internal scrubbing mechanism employed in all our heaters.

Better Safety

Our own manufactured pellets burn so completely that very little creosote builds up inside the exhaust vent/flue, posing less of a fire hazard than a conventional open fireplace or combustion fire.

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