How a Pellet Heater Works

Wood Pellet Stove Drawing

Pellet Storage & Feeding

Pellet fuel heaters have a fuel hopper within the unit to store the wood pellets until they are needed for burning. Our hoppers hold up to 20kgs of pellets, which will last a day or more under normal operating conditions.

The device that feeds the pellets into the combustion chamber resembles a large screw or spiral, which rotates and drops a few pellets at a time into the combustion chamber where it is burned. The speed at which the screw turns and drops the pellets into the chamber determines how much heat is generated.

NatureHeat heaters have thermostats which govern the length of time the screw turns and thereby keeps the temperature steady at a constant rate.

You can opt for a bulk storage system which can hold enough pellets for weeks at a time.

Better Exhaust Management

Instead of a traditional chimney, exhaust gases from the pellet stove are vented out using small flue pipe that can be directed out a sidewall. This exhaust is smoke-free due to the internal scrubbing mechanism employed in all our heaters.

Better Safety

Our own manufactured pellets burn so completely that very little creosote builds up inside the exhaust vent/flue, posing less of a fire hazard than a conventional open fireplace or combustion fire.

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