Hardwood vs Softwood Pellets


There is always the question: are hardwood pellets better then softwood pellets?

To answer this question, you need to understand the difference between hardwood and softwood in its natural state as opposed to it's pellet form.

If there are two equal pieces of wood and one is oak (hardwood) and the other is pine(softwood), you'll get much more heat out of the oak than the pine.

However, if you take a ten kilo piece of oak and compare it with a ten kilo piece of pine, you'll see that the piece of oak is much smaller than the pine. The energy in ten kilos of oak is equal to the energy in ten kilos of pine and it all comes down to density.

All wood on a dry basis, have the same amount of energy per kilo.

The raw material for wood pellets is sawdust and regardless ofwhether the sawdust is from hardwood, softwood or a mixture of the two, they all get compressed to the same high density.
Therefor, there is no “hard” wood pellets or “soft” wood pellets, there are pellets made form hardwood saw dust or pellets made from softwood saw dust.

The fact remains, that the hardwood in its natural state burns cleaner than softwood for the following reason:  A pine tree has sap or pitch oozing in spots where either the bark has been scraped or a branch has broken off. This pitch, when burned, creates creosote and the burn is dirty. But understanding that the pitch only exists in the outer layer of bark on a tree, it is essential to have the bark removed before saw dust is being produced to make wood pellets.

To be certain that there is no impurity in NatureHeat pellets only kiln dried shaving is used.

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