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Our NatureHeat pellets are sourced from environmentally responsible Australian plantation pine offsets and manufactured to the highest standards in our factory in Cooma near the Snowy Mountains.


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Keeping your home warm in winter is expensive...

Our Wood Pellets are

Wholesale to the Public

1/2 tonne (33 bags)

$420 inc GST

*Call us for delivery prices

1 tonne (66 bags)

$800 inc GST

*Call us for delivery prices

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We deliver to:



Southern Highlands

Albury Wodonga




Pellet Experts

Pellet heaters are a very clean and environmentally friendly way of heating

and the smart choice for heating in the 21st century.

NatureHeat Pellets

We understand that the raw materials and pellet-making processes are different for various end uses. This is what makes us unique - we are producers of the safest and highest quality wood pellets in Australia. 

What is Pellet Heater

Pellet heaters, also called pellet ovens or stoves, are a cost effective, efficient and clean way of heating your home. Instead of chopped wood, Pellet heaters use sawdust or shavings which are a byproduct of the timber milling industry.

How Does Pellet Heater Work

Pellet fuel heaters have a fuel hopper within the unit to store the wood pellets until they are needed for burning. Hoppers may hold up to 20kgs of pellets, which will last a day or more under normal operating conditions (depending on the unit). 

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